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Shadow Dance (still)

Shadow Dance (still)

Shadow Dance (still)

Shadow Dance (still)

Shadow Dance (still)

Shadow Dance (preview)

Shadow Dance (2015)

Shadow Dance is a project which shows a short performance by a traditional performer. I dance simultaneously with the same music, but from a distance far away. In the video, Taiwanese opera was performed at MOCA Taipei in 2015. Above the performer is installed, When I Become You (2015), two magnificent chandeliers that mirror each other.

그림자 춤 (2015)


<그림자 춤>은 전통 예술 공연가가 짧은 공연을 보여주는 형태로 진행되었던 프로젝트이다. 영상 속에서 나는 공연자로 부터 멀리 떨어진 곳에서 그와 같은 음악에 맞춰 춤을 추고 있다. 영상의 장면은 2015년 타이페이 현대미술관에서 공연되었던 대만 경극으로, 배우의 머리 위에는 한 쌍의 샹들리에로 이루어진 작품 <내가 너였을 때>가 설치되어 있다.


Shadow Dance


Single-channel video & sound

5 min. 46 sec.

Courtesy of the artist

ⓒMuseum of Contemporary Art Taipei, Taiwan


Taiwanese Opera: Li Yu Chen

Performance: Yeesookyung

Camera: Chen Wen Jung

Supported by Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei

Ming Hua Yuan Arts & Cultural Group


The Grand Immortal of Ponlai (lyrics from the Taiwanese opera in the video)


A thunder from a dry sky shakes the sky and the land.

Who cut my body?

There is no body left for the spirit to return to.

Should the spirit float around on and on?

The Buddhist causality she has talked about.

Was it a story of conspiracy to take a revenge on a small grudge?

Was it necessary to throw a stone at someone drowning in a pond?

Such an ill-fated Hwashan Lee Xuan!

Big howls resonate through the mountain.

The messenger of death is coming to take the dead soul to the underworld.

Would my spirit be buried into the earth?

The immortal would never be defeated.

The holy dragon being trapped will never be able to escape.

Tracing me till the end.

I run as fast as I can.

The energy from me is like a burning fire. 

There is only the body of a beggar.

Only through the body of a beggar,

Can I be reincarnated.

Too much force is likely to be broken down, and arrogance leads to a defeat.

A decent look of mine is gone, only left with an old man’s ugly body.

No other choice except holding a bamboo cane and a bottle gourd as a beggar.

Limping along Mount Ponlai

Limping along Mount Ponlai

Limping along Mount Ponlai


Exhibition History

When I Become You, Yeesookyung in Taipei, Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, Taiwan, 2015

Saint Breeders, Atelier Hermès, Seoul, Korea, 2015

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