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Twin Dance (still)

Twin Dance (still)

Twin Dance (preview)

Twin Dance (2012)


Twin Dance is a performance and also a video work filmed in a white studio. Two dancers perform with the same gestures of Korean traditional dance as if reflecting each other in a mirror. The dancers were styled to look like dolls in a Korean souvenir shop to emphasize the uncanny beauty of preserved tradition.


쌍둥이 춤 (2012)


<쌍둥이 춤>은 퍼포먼스 작품으로, 백색의 스디오에서 촬영한 영상 작품으로도 제작되었다. 이 작품은 두 명의 무용수가 등장해 한국 전통 무용의 동작들을 마치 거울에 반사된 이미지처럼 대칭으로 선보이면서 진행된다. 전통속에 존재하는 묘한 아름다움을 강조하기 위해, 무용수는 한국의 전통 기념품 가게에서 판매하고 있는 인형처럼 보이도록 분장을 한 채로 공연에 임한다.


Twin Dance


Single-channel video & sound

11 min. 52 sec.

Performance and video directing: Yeesookyung

Performance: Lee Junghwa, Chung Song Ii

Music: Jang Young Gyu

Costume: Kim Youngseok

Makeup: Soh In Gyeoung

Camera and video editing: Cha Eun Teak

Courtesy of the artist


Twin Dance (still)

Courtesy of the artist


Twin Dance (preview)

Courtesy of the artist


Exhibition History

Yeesookyung: Contemporary Korean Sculpture, Asia Society Texas Center, Houston, USA, 2015

[ana] please keep your eyes closed for a moment, Maraya Art Center, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, 2015

The meaning of time, Locks Gallery, Philadelphia, USA, 2014

Korea-NRW, Osthaus Museum Hagen, Germany, 2013

Biennaleonline 2013,, 2013

Constellation Gemini, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea, 2012




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