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Installation View

Installation View

Installation View

You Were There (2015)


In You Were There, I gilded 24k gold to two stones I found in a quarry. This was in the technique of gilding a Buddhist statue. I offered one of them to a Buddhist monk. I also gilded two stones which I received from the monk as a reward. I kept one of them, and the other was sent to another monk through the original monk. This act of exchange will be repeated in this manner.


그곳에 있었다 (2015)

그곳에 있었다 는 금불상에 금박을 입히는 전통방식을 이용해 내가 찾은 두 개의 돌에 금박을 입혀 제작한 작품이다. 이 중 하나를 스님께 드렸고, 그에 대한 보답으로 두 개의 다른 돌을 스님으로부터 받았다. 나는 그 두 개의 돌 역시 금박을 입한 후 그 중 하나는 내가 가지고 있기로 하고, 다른 하나는 돌을 주신 스님을 통해 다른 스님에게 전달 했다. 같은 방식의 교환을 반복하면서 이 작품은 계속 된다.


Installation View

Installation view. Saint Breeders, Atelier Hermès, Seoul, Korea, 2015


You Were There


24K gold leaf on stone

20x19x20cm (Left), 13x33x20cm (Right)

Courtesy of the artist

Photo: Kiyong Nam ⓒ Fondation d'entreprise Hermès


Installation view

Yildahm-Snim carrying You Were There to Sinjungdahn in Baekryunsa


Installation View

Baekryunsa, Gangjin, Korea, 2015


Exhibition history

Saint Breeders, Atelier Hermès, Seoul, Korea, 2015

HaengChon Art Project, Baekryunsa, Gangjin, Korea, 2015

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