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(admiration of a white vase of the Joseon dynasty)


a faithful green even in sharp frost and drifted snow

bent branches swirling wind in pines

a couple  white cranes  alight and furled their wings


when my love came long awaited

that day the wind bell hanging high on a beam

the fish clapper clanged and clanged

served rice wine brewed under a flowering tree in a white vase


weed of endless life sprouted in the cleavage of slanted rocks

glowing clouds sliding quietly by and the stream murmuring gliding to

a dear leaping in the wood


baked in fire porcelain skin like ice

even one speck of dust would be a flaw

those honest days lost in clay


This is a poem describing a white vases of the Joseon Dynasty in the 18 century.

Anna Maria Pacetti, a ceramist in Albisola made 12 vases of the Joseon Dynasty style after reading this poem and a Korean legend of a vase.

 Translate Vases Albisola (still)

Still. Translate Vases Albisola

 Translate Vases Albisola (still)

Installation view.Translated Vases Albisola

                                                                          Installation view of Translated Vases Albisola 

Attese-Ceramics in Contemporary Art 2001


Albisola Museum of Ceramics, Albisola, Italy


Translate Vases Albisola (stills)

Courtesy of the artist



Translate Vases Albisola


Single-channel video & sound

4 min. 23 sec.


Installation view of Translated Vases Albisola, Attese-Ceramics in Contemporary Art, Albisola Museum of Ceramics, Albisola, Italy, 2001

Courtesy of the artist



12 vases


Ceramic, silk, flower


Exhibited works

12 vases

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