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Installation view. In Dialogue with Uli Sigg, Yeesookyung Studio, Goyang-si

In Dialogue with Uli Sigg

September 4, 2023

Artist Storage in Samsong Techno Valley, Goyang-si  

Curated by Lynna Kim

Organized by Yeesookyung Studio

Installation Views

In Dialogue with Uli Sigg, Yeesookyung Studio, Goyang-si, Korea

Courtesy of the artis

Photo by Yang Ian



Exhibited Works

Getting Married to Myself

Snow White Revision

Painting for Out of Body Travel 2000-1

Artist Uniform


Flame Seed

Potable Temple

Born Tear


Past Life Regression Painting_Underwater Guide

The Very Best Statue Kyiv, Ukraine

The Very Best Statue Taipei, Taiwan

The Very Best Statue Liverpool

Daily Drawing

You Were There 2017

Moonlight Crown_Dragon's Bride

Moonlight Crown_Shhh..., Gold Shadow

Moonlight Crown_Intimate Sisters_East Peak

Translated Vase_2015 TVB_The Other Side of the Moon 5

Translated Vase_2023 TVGKSHW 1

Oh, Rose!_ like a meditating Buddha statue

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